For us, members of ImagineCommunity, the meaning of Imagine extends beyond a formal definition of our Beliefs and Objectives. We see it as a Concept, a Philosophy, and an Open-Ended System that has almost no limits. Perhaps the only limits for it are the limits of our Imagination
In the paragraphs below, we describe what Imagine means to us today. If you find that you share the Concept and Values of Imagine and if you think Imagine is something you would like to become a part of, please get in touch with us! And don’t forget to share with us your thoughts on


Imagine is about People. A New Kind of People brought up in Universities, Metropolitans, and Global work environment during decades of the post-cold war.

Imagine is about Diversity. It's about being Different and Unique. Yet, being so much Alike and Sharing so much in Common - Dreams and Beliefs, Feelings and Thoughts, Ideas and Inspirations, the Planet and the Time.

Imagine is about being Global and Global minded. It's about seeing the World as one Common Place. The Place where we live, where we work, where we bring up those who will stay after us.

Imagine is about Cultures. It's about Care and Respect for the Cultures that we inherited from our past. Yet, it is also about creating a New Culture. The New Culture that will reflect People living in the New, Better World.

Imagine is about Interactions. Interactions between People and Institutions with One Shared Goal. The Goal of building the New, Better World.

Imagine is about Technology and Inventing New. Technology that lets us achieve unimaginable and the one that will change the World and the Way we live in it forever.

Imagine is about Effectiveness. It's about seeking points of leverage that allow us to maximize our potential to redirect humanity from a world based on scarcity, hate, and fear to one based on abundance, love, and compassion... from a world based on unchanging doctrine to one based on life-long learning.

Imagine is about Efficiency. It's about getting the most of every second and living through every moment of our life.

Imagine is about World Wide Web. It's about breeding together the two Worlds, the Real and the Virtual one, and thus creating a new kind, the New Better World.

Imagine is about Science. The Science that discovers Unknown and extends the Limits of our Imagination. It's about the Science that has created the most beautiful Metaphors of the past and the one that will enable us to discover the New, Better World.

Imagine is about Intellect and Curious Minds. It's about Challenging old conventions and Searching for New Answers. Imagine is about Learning the New.

Imagine is about Creativity and being Creative. Creative Ideas and Creative Solutions. Solutions to the New Tasks of the New kind of World. Imagine is about Creating the New, Better World.

Imagine is about Freedom and Free Spirited. Freedom to have Dreams that Inspire and Freedom to make them come True. It's about Freedom to Love, Freedom to Believe, and Freedom to Act. Imagine is about Freedom we all have to build the New Better World.

Imagine is about Inspiration and being inspired. Inspired about doing something good, about building the New, Better World.

Imagine is about Staying Young and having a Passion for living. It's about Minds and Souls that never grow old, Sparks in the Eyes that never disappear. Imagine is about never stopping to Dream.

Imagine is about Excitement. The Excitement of a New Idea and Excitement of a New Achievement. It's about the Excitement of Creating something New. The Excitement of building the New, Better World.

Imagine is about Philosophy and a Way of Thinking. It's about a Dream. The Dream of People eager to build the New, Better World.

Imagine is about a Way of Seeing the World. It’s about building the New, Better World by always finding the Way to make something better.

Imagine is about Global Consciousness. By moving away from ego, we unify our actions, feelings, and thoughts to be in the driver's seat of our life. It's about leaving power, desire, and appearances to develop our New best version, whatever time it takes. This ultimately awakens us collectively to a New Consciousness where Unity is the cornerstone to building the New, Better World.

Imagine is about Faith and Belief. The Belief that Anything, literally anything, that you can imagine is possible. Possible if you have Faith.

Imagine is about the Beatles and the World they've created. The World that we grew up and lived in. The World that some have said is no longer there. They can bomb this World, but they will never take away the Dream.

Imagine is about Friends and Friendship. Friends who stood next in that fight in high school and whose shoulder we still lean on when life gets a little rough. It's about Friends who never gave up on us and Friends who never gave in.

Imagine is about Love. Love to our Parents and our Families. Love to Someone very special. It's about Love that raises us back from the ashes and the one that brings us home every night. It's about Love that leads us through our life, that is the very Reason for our Existence.

Imagine is about Reason. The Reason Why. The Reason for People to get up in the morning and do something good. Anything.

Imagine is about Will. The Free Will of People willing to build the New Better World.

Imagine is about Challenge. The Challenge to the capacity of Human Intellect and to all of those who still call People "good" and "evil" and want to see our World divided.

Imagine is about Change. The Change that opens New Opportunities and creates Progress. It's about the Change that leads us to the New Better World.

Imagine is about Evolution and a New way of fostering it. It’s about co-evolving into the New Better World.

Imagine is about Revolution. The Revolution in the way we Think, the way we Feel, and the way we Act. It's about the Revolution that will enable us to build the New Better World.

Imagine is about Power. The Power of Knowledge and the Power of being Informed. The Power of the first step that invokes the biggest Change. It's the Power of Many and the Power of One. Imagine is the Power of People. The Power to build the New Better World.

Imagine is about Impact. The Impact that we all and every one of us can have on anything in this World. It's about the Impact that will make our World a New Better Place.

Imagine is about Chance. The Chance for People to make their Choice, to Choose the kind of World they want to Live in.

Imagine is about Hope. The Hope that we can shape our Destiny and live in the New Better World.

Imagine is about Fulfillment. The Fulfillment of our Dreams and the Fulfillment of our Potential.

Imagine is about Economy. The New Economy of the New kind of World. Imagine is about being the Architect of this New Economy.

Imagine is about New kind of Business. New Incentives and New Ways to Create and Share Value. Imagine is about the Business of building the New Better World.

Imagine is about being Good at what you do. It's also about having a Choice to do exactly what you like, with People that you like, the Way you like it, for the Reason you like.

Imagine is about New Opportunities. Opportunities to Improve and Opportunities to live a better life. It's about the Opportunity we have to build the New Better World.

Imagine is about Resources - People and Knowledge, Capital and Technologies, Information and Networks. But, most of all, it's about resources of Good Will. Resources that will enable the People to build the New Better World.

Imagine is about Relationships. The Relationships that hold on Trust and Respect. The Respect for Integrity and Values that People bring into their Relationships.

Imagine is about Trust. The Trust that we build by being Open and Honest with ourselves and the People who we deal with. It's about Trust that anyone needs dreaming to build the New Better World.

Imagine is the Opposite of the Establishment. It's about New. New Forms and New Ways, New Names and New Faces, New Leaders and New Organizations. It's about the New Kind of People coming together to build the New Better World.

Imagine is about New Media. It's about New Ways for People to tell the Truth, learn the Truth, and not be manipulated.

Imagine is about New Democracy. It's about creating New Ways for People to make their Choice and express their Will. It's about creating a New Democracy for the New, Better World.

Imagine is about Transparency. The Transparency of the New World achieved by the Choice and the Will of the People living in the New Better World.

Imagine is the Opposite of Politics. It's about one common Policy. The Policy of Peace and Cooperation. The Policy of the United World. The only Policy for the World to exist and develop into the future.

Imagine is about Solidarity. Solidarity of People standing for each other in times of trouble, need, and despair as they grit their way to the New Better World.

Imagine is about Wisdom. The Wisdom of seeing both sides of the coin, of going slow to go fast. It’s about the Wisdom of gaining by giving away.

Imagine is the Opposite of self-centered. It is about Common Good. It's about sharing and supporting those who are sharing and supporting us and leaving to themselves those who want to live by themselves.

Imagine isn’t about one trying to dominate the rest of the World. It's about one bringing everybody together to build the New better World.

Imagine is about New Safety. Safety that is built on an understanding of the complex interdependencies of the New World, and yet on a very simple notion that the only way to avoid aggression in the New World is by not being aggressive.

Imagine is about New Security. The Security where the Safety of All is the Safety of One and not the other way around.

Imagine is about fighting terrorism. The one that puts fear in the back of our minds and the one that we all are vulnerable to. It's about fighting terrorism by understanding the Reasons and finding Solutions to those issues that force people to perform horrible acts of terror.

Imagine is the Opposite of hate. It's about Forgiveness and being able to Forgive. Imagine is about New Beginning. The Beginning of the New, Better World.

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