When working in large companies at the beginning of my career, I was astonished by the amount of demotivated people, not adding much value to the organization while hiding under a hierarchical umbrella. Years later I did a bit of research to find out about this phenomenon, what can be done and which role I could fulfill to give an answer to this organizational dysfunctioning. This exploration eventually led to finalizing an MBA in Imagineering (Business innovation from the experience) at BUAS (Breda University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands).
To me, it was eye-opening to find out about a complexity-based approach for organizational development. I became passionate about evolving organizational design and organizing business towards a new approach that can be described as design for emergence within and between open complex systems. I would call myself more a catalyst and guide than a leader, creating fertile grounds that lead to growth into a desired direction wherein people and the ecosystem as a whole can flourish. From the experience, I share insights with people to help them understand what's happening.

I have a Master degree in Industrial Design and a background in IT, design for theater, education, and Social Innovation. I feel at my best in creative, multidisciplinary, and multicultural environments, and I have a special interest in non-profit and social entrepreneurship.

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