Takashi Aoki
Investment and credit risk assessment, Global Management, Digital Transformation, Sustainability Solutions
Scottsdale, AZ, USA
Takashi Aoki is CEO and founder of Just Start Consulting, which researches ESG investing, climate-related financial disclosure, and SDGs.

He studies the master's degree in global management, digital transformation, and sustainability solutions at Thunderbird school of global management at Arizona State University from August 2021 to May 2023.

He has experienced an investment and financial professional with over 16 years of experience working for one of Japan’s largest trading companies, including five years in the US managing a US-based subsidiary.
Adept at analyzing investment data and making reliable and strategic recommendations.
Excellent decision-making skills with experience taking on leadership roles in a wide range of areas: credit and investment assessment, finance, accounting, management, IT, and human resources.
Strong track record for resolving problems and improving stakeholder satisfaction.
International experience, specifically with customers and subsidiaries in the US, and several countries throughout South America, Central America, Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, the South Pacific, and the Middle East.

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