Nenad Rava
Complex System Change
In the course of 25 years of professional experience in strategic development (strategy, design, innovation, change, leadership), Ned I worked for national and regional governments; public sector organizations, universities, and research centers; the United Nations, the World Bank and the European Union; local communities and non-profits; networks and learning communities, and for-profit businesses and social enterprises on 120+ senior-level engagements across 45+ countries. That included the design and implementation of 20+ change methodologies, 80+ training, education, and coaching programs, as well as 50+ speaking engagements and 35+ analytical and research reports on topics including Strategy and Visioning, Complex systems design and innovation, Change management, Collaborative design, Policy reforms, Capacity assessment and development, Stakeholder dialogue, and Institutional transformation.

Ned has BSc in Management (focus on Learning organizations and Change management), an MA and Ph.D. in Political Science (focus on Quality of Democracy), and a Master of Design in Innovation and Strategic Foresight (focus on policy design). He is currently the Head of Programme at the UN Joint SDG Fund, where he managed an innovation portfolio in 61 countries.

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