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The Color of Management © Agent-Based Model Development
ImagineCommons Members began collaboration to develop The Color of Management © Agent-Based Model for Social Systems with Purpose.

The Model is based on 50+ years of research in Complexity Science, Non-Linear Dynamical Social Systems and Institutional Structural-Functional Analysis, and Chaos theory applied to Social Systems. The Model uses computer digital image processing to computationally display the dynamical abstract patterns of relationships in social systems.

The Color Spectrum of Management © is a Non-Linear Self-Referencing Autopoietic Model. It looks at Business Corporation as a special case of a General Systems Model that can be applied to any Human Dynamic Social Organization with a goal or purpose.

The Model will help Decision Makers in any Business or Non-Profit Organization to better understand how interacting components in Complex Adaptive Systems that any Organization is construct macroscopic worlds through stochastic collective evolutionary emergent behavior. This will provide the Decision Makers with a much better understanding of why their Organizations behave the way they do in this complex, non-linear, volatile, and highly unpredictable environment and ultimately will improve the quality of their decisions.

Since business is an entrepreneurial enterprise, the content of the model is based on practical business principles that have been empirically tested and developed, resulting in a model of global collective entrepreneurial behavior. Such principles are universally applicable to any profit or nonprofit social organization.

Individuals and Organizations working in Non-Linear Dynamics/Quantum Chaos, with strong skills in Agent-Based Modeling as well as anyone interested in how collective social non-equilibrium systems communicate and process data and information are invited to join our collaboration!

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