Reporting on the New Better World as We Make it

ImagineConstitution is alive!
Law and political economy professor at Harvard, Roberto Mangabiera Unger, often tells his students, that they should not live their lives governed by “the laws of the dead”. He refers to those Constitutions whose authors have long passed away.

I remember I liked this thought a lot, as it resonated with the way I envisioned ImagineConstitution. To remain relevant to the changing world, ImagineConstituition cannot be static. Instead, it should be a living document. I hoped that one day Members of our Community will embrace ImagineConstitution so much that they will write their own Articles for it, sharing what meaning Imagine has to them.

This is exactly what happened last week! Two new Members of ImagineCommunity, Karl Devillières, an Aerospace Engineer from Toulouse, and Steve Brant, a Founder and Director at the Route 66 Spirit of America Museum from Stroud, Oklahoma, USA have offered their Articles, which are so meaningful and aligned with the philosophy and spirit of Imagine, that we couldn’t wait to publish them.

With minor alteration, the clause from Karl reads as follows:

Imagine is about Global Consciousness. By moving away from ego, we unify our actions, feelings, and thoughts to be in the driver's seat of our life. It's about leaving power, desire, and appearances to develop our New best version, whatever time it takes. This ultimately awakens us collectively to a New Consciousness where Unity is the cornerstone to build the New Better World.”

With Steve, we had a lovely exchange on a precious insight from one of the Sages of the Systems Thinking, Russel Ackoff, whom Steve is lucky to call his mentor. Steve shared that Russel Ackoff taught there's a difference between Efficiency and Effectiveness. Efficiency is doing what you're doing better and better every day. Effectiveness is making sure you're doing the right thing first and then getting better and better at doing that. Making sure you're doing the right thing comes from analyzing the design of the larger system in which all the parts of society exist... seeing what flaws exist in the foundational assumptions that were used to design that system... and replacing those assumptions with ones that are true.

Since there is a personal story and meaning behind every clause of the ImagineConstitution, we agreed with Steve that we will keep both the current Article on Efficiency and Steve’s new Article on Effectiveness. But we will put Effectiveness first! Here is the Article from Steve which we liked so much:

Imagine is about Effectiveness. It's about seeking points of leverage that allow us to maximize our potential to redirect humanity from a world based on scarcity, hate, and fear to one based on abundance, love, and compassion... from a world based on unchanging doctrine to one based on life-long learning

We plan that one day we will have a process and a mechanism that will support ongoing voting on proposed Amendments to ImagineConstitution. Amendments that will collect enough votes will be added to the Constitution, keeping it relevant and making sure that it reflects the Values, Principles, and Beliefs of ImaginePeople.

Since last week, this day became much closer! Let’s keep rolling!

Andrey Shovkoplyas
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