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ImagineCommons founder is awarded a state Order
We are delighted to share that the Founder of ImagineCommons Andrey Shovkoplyas was awarded the Order of Kurmet by the Decree of the President of his home country, the Republic of Kazakhstan!

The Order of Kurmet (the Order of Honor) is awarded to Kazakh citizens for merits in the development of the economy, social sphere, science and culture, and education, for exemplary government service, and for active public duty.

Upon receiving the award, Andrey Shovkoplyas remarked the following: “This award is one of the most significant achievements and milestones in my life. Yet, this is just a stepping stone since there is still so much to be done! Today Kazakhstan and our society are facing many complex challenges. To overcome them will require true and dedicated efforts of our people, and it won’t happen overnight. The real, lasting change takes time. But we have no other choice and no other way forward but to correct our mistakes of the past and step-by-step, together, build a new, prosperous, and fair Kazakhstan for all! This is the unique historical role that our generation and the generations of Kazakhstanis following us have to fulfill.

Our thoughts and motives are right, and our commitment is strong! Only onwards and upwards, my dear fellow citizens and friends!”

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